We are STILL here


This being Black is a special calling not for the faint of heart. As we navigate this global pandemic, I'm reminded that oppression is not new to our community. We have encountered and risen above the worst circumstances and conditions. 

(Excerpted from my anthology: Why Black Lives Matter (Too): A Revolutionary Call to Action)

Black people have been through many traumatic experiences. Our hearts have been cut deeply. Our minds have been twisted. Our bodies have been abused. Yet, despite all that we have been through, and though we may be weary at times, we are still here.

We were kidnapped from our native land—Mother Africa, yet we are still here.

We were shackled in chains, and crammed into the bowels of ships headed for the New World, yet we are still here.

We were forced to sail for weeks, months—and sometimes a year—amid inhumane and diseased conditions, yet we are still here.

We were torn from our families and loved ones, yet we are...

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